Marc, today's charrette was terrific. Thank you for your truly generous collaboration. You've caused me to turn a mental corner. Until recently, I thought that that to do really intelligent buildings, we'd need the right clients, the right engineers, and a premium budget. Thanks to you, I now believe that to do intelligent buildings all we need is INTELLIGENCE!—and the guts to ask the simple questions until we get the answers, and the courage of our convictions to persuade others...

We can do this and it will change things. You've empowered us. Thanks. –Ellen

Creating Metrics and Standards

In cases where the organization owns or is planning to construct multiple projects, we’ve helped them create metrics and standards that can be broadly applied across successive projects.  This is useful for both new construction and substantial renovation.  Areas that may be addressed in Metrics include:

  • energy use
  • water use
  • waste treatment
  • LEEDTM certification
  • maintainability
  • user friendliness
  • durability
  • design elements that are needed or are to be avoided
  • materials sourcing
  • construction and demolition waste
  • construction details

Case Studies of Creating Metrics, Targets, and Standards

  • Dartmouth College
  • Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies