Marc, today's charrette was terrific. Thank you for your truly generous collaboration. You've caused me to turn a mental corner. Until recently, I thought that that to do really intelligent buildings, we'd need the right clients, the right engineers, and a premium budget. Thanks to you, I now believe that to do intelligent buildings all we need is INTELLIGENCE!—and the guts to ask the simple questions until we get the answers, and the courage of our convictions to persuade others...

We can do this and it will change things. You've empowered us. Thanks. –Ellen

French Wing - Society for the Protection of NH Forests

Architectural design: Banwell Architects

Integrated design consulting for a new wing at the Society for the Protection of NH Forests. Offices and conference spaces surround a two story daylit atrium that is lined with planters that treat the building’s graywater.

Features include heat from central high-efficiency, woodchip-fired boiler and district energy system; composting toilets and graywater treatment; highly insulated construction; daylighting, to the extent that this is a “lights-off” building during daytime hours; very efficient lighting and controls; site harvested wood; certified and local wood; Durisol foundation system; heat recovery ventilation; nighttime ventilative cooling; and healthy, non-toxic construction. The French Wing was the first LEED certified project in New England, certified at the Gold level. Occupied 2001.