Marc, today's charrette was terrific. Thank you for your truly generous collaboration. You've caused me to turn a mental corner. Until recently, I thought that that to do really intelligent buildings, we'd need the right clients, the right engineers, and a premium budget. Thanks to you, I now believe that to do intelligent buildings all we need is INTELLIGENCE!—and the guts to ask the simple questions until we get the answers, and the courage of our convictions to persuade others...

We can do this and it will change things. You've empowered us. Thanks. –Ellen


Architectural design and engineering: Energysmiths


Integrated architectural and engineering design and construction for a private residence in Meriden, NH.  This superinsulated home uses passive solar and wood-fired heat and hot water, and is designed for health, comfort, and durability.  A ground-mounted utility-interactive photovoltaic array supplies about 60% of the annual electrical usage.

Some of the green building materials include native white cedar shingles, reclaimed redwood deck and cypress trim, native hardwood flooring, and tile made from feldspar mine tailings.  Back-up heating is propane powered and includes hydronic radiant ceilings.  A small greenhouse, root cellar, and organic garden contribute to food production on site.  Occupied 1985.

1991 Best Energy-Efficient House Award from Energy and Environmental Building Association

1992 Best Energy-Efficient House Award from Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

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